Sitstand is a quarterly printed zine that features one artist per issue.


Because there are often limited options for lesser-known and even established artists to showcase artwork, our main purpose is to expose up-and-coming artists in order to give them a platform to connect with an audience. We're interested in getting to know about each artist's technique, process, history, and purpose. Each issue of Sitstand will be devoted to one specific artist and will include a candid conversation with Janice - our writer - as well as some selected work. We hold simplicity, humour, and truth in high regard when it comes to showcasing each artist.

If you would like to propose your work to us or recommend an artist, get in touch! Otherwise, we will reach out if we want to feature your work for a future issue.

If you are out of Canada and interested in purchasing our zine, please send us an email! We’ll figure something out!

creative director/designer : Pier-Alexandre Gagné
writer/interviewer : Janice Esguerra
creative content editor : Laura Baldwinson